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As a family run business with our fair share of losses  We know only too well that choosing the right flowers along with the other arrangements being made is the last thing you can give a loved one or friend whoever the flowers may be for.

Wether it be a simple spray , posy or wreath for a friend or something more elabarate or appriopriate for a loved one  we can help you

choose . 

yellow/purple oasis spray £30.00 ( about 18")
£30.00 pink/white posy arr
yellow & purple cremation basket from £30.00 ( about 1.5ft)
£100.00 All white oasis spray (about 3ft) including lillies
All purple spray from £75.00
All yellow rose coffin spray from £75(3ft) £150 (3ft) £200(4ft)& £250.00 (5FT)
open heart with rose £85.00
loose grouped style cushion from £65.00(about 21")
pink & white oasis spray from £50.00 about 2.5ft

orange & yellow posy from £30.00(12inches)


larger yellow & white cremation basket £50.00 ( about 2.5ft)
all white coffin spray 4ft £150.00 including roses

all rose coffin spray 

2ft £75  3ft £150 4ft 200

5ft £250.00


Based pillow Small £55.00 Medium £85.00 large £125
based Posy from £45.00 (14inch )

based mum with end sprays £135.00

romper suit teddy £75.00

yellow & purple posy from £30.00

purple and yellow wreath from £35.00 (about 14 inches)
largest wreath pink & purple £65.00 ( about 20 inches)
yellow & white coffin spray £100.00(3ft)

loose yellow & purple cross from 2ft £50.00

3ft £75.00 4ft £100

based pillow small £55.00 Medium £85.00
open heart loose style red roses with pink and white flowers £85.00
Based style dad in red & white £135.00
loose style letters £135.00
Based posy with teddy from £45.00 (14inch )

Same day Delivery

Order before 3pm on days open till 4pm

12pm on 1pm closing


Tel : 01446 792264



Open from 9am to 4pm Mon - Fri 

Wed & Sat 9am to 1pm



We deliver thoughout the vale.

Local deliver £2.50  a bit more for further out

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